Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Why Cheap Audio Books Are Not Cheap

We all want it; cheap audio books, but nobody wants to pay the same for their audio books as for their normal paperback book. It seems reasonable that when there is no physical copy of the book to print, the book would be cheaper to buy. Well this is wrong. Most companies try to lure you in with free books, free trials, gifts and all other sorts of teasers. The problem is you almost always have to subscribe to a membership with your credit card. The first month is free, but the second month you pay double. When you try to cancel it all kinds of barricades are thrown up to prevent you from canceling.

Here is my solution. There are a lot of free books around. Not the big corp ones, but the true free audio books. These are books that have no copyrights anymore because of their age. After 50 years the copyrights to a book expire and everyone is free to do with it what they want.

You can Google it. But most sellers do not show up because they are buried by spammy "review" sites of affiliates. The most affiliates are from Audible. This is an Amazon company and one of the giants in the audio book market. Don't apply for trial memberships because they will be almost impossible to cancel. Instead buy without the membership. Yes they are by far not as cheap as with a membership, but you won't get trapped in paperwork and other hassles.

If you are not shy to leave your house you could also visit your local book store. Most of the times they have sales of cheap books on CD. The upside to books on a CD instead of buying it online, is that you never lose the files. My computer recently crashed and all the data on my hard drive was lost. If I had audio CD's instead of MP3s there wouldn't have been any problem.

Cheap Audio Books do exist. You just need to know where to look for them. Try to use forums to ask people where they buy their books instead of Googling it. If you know somebody who listens to books ask them where they got it. Make sure you try a few companies first before you apply for a lifelong membership.

Make sure you follow these guidelines and you will have a life long supply of ahead.

If you like audio books and you want a list of audio book companies to compare. Take a look on my website with Cheap Audio Books. But remember to not fall in the corporate traps...

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