Sunday, July 3, 2011

Passion for Jesus by Mike Bickle

Passion for Jesus by Mike Bickle is an excellent resource for anyone starting on his journey of the Christian life. Its main points that are sure to bless you are the following:

1. God enjoys you even in your weakness. This truth is basic in anyone wishing to live the victorious Christian life, but very few seem to know it by heart. When we fail, we tend to beat ourselves up, and then when we do well, we think God is really pleased with us only for that time. In truth, He enjoys us even in our weak state, pretty much the way any parent enjoys his or her toddler even as the child keeps falling while learning to walk.

2. God is passionate about His relationship with us. A common notion is that God is some figure somewhere out there who does not care a thing about us, and would only be ready to bop us on the head when we fail. But taking solid truth from the Bible, the author shows us that that kind of mindset is actually mistaken, and the truth is that He is actually intensely interested in us and wants to be with us. In fact, He desires us! This revelation will revolutionize your life: the God of the universe desires you!

3. You need not worry about your love for Him, because His love for you is constant. This is a major pitfall for my own relationship with God, as I was always worried and trying so hard to please Him. It was in line with the Psalms wherein everything depended on His passion and emotions towards me instead of my commitment to Him.

The book has many more interesting points, to say the least, and I would definitely like to recommend this book for any beginning Christian. It would revolutionize the way you view the Christian life, as it was never meant to be a burdensome experience, but rather a heart-enlarging daily encounter.

Passion for Jesus is definitely one book that has its repercussions even many years down the road, as, despite my having read it at least five years ago, many of its truths are just starting to sink in to me. Mike Bickle definitely managed to make difficult to grasp Bible principles something in bite-sized form that comes to mind at the exact moment when you need it. Two thumbs-up!

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