Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Novels of Linda Wells - Jane Austen Sequels at Their Best

Author Linda Wells, got her start writing Jane Austen sequels in the world of fan fiction. Her work has been loved by many over the years, and she has developed into a fine author. Her novels, unlike some of the others currently in print, focus on the relationships and complexities between characters as they come up against angst-filled twists and turns in their already complicated lives.

Her first three novels entitled Chance Encounters, Fate and Consequences, and Memory all focus on difficult social structures, which aim to keep Jane Austen's Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet apart as they try to fight a deep admiration and growing passion for each other.

In Chance Encounters, Elizabeth and Darcy meet prior to the Meryton assembly at the theater in London. Their first impressions are long-lasting and it paves the way to different kind of relationship between them.

Fate and Consequences, centers on Wickham's successful elopement with Georgianna Darcy. Mr. Darcy and his cousin Fitzwilliam track her down and recover her in the small town of Meryton, where he is immediately taken by the kindhearted, and genteel Elizabeth Bennet. Darcy then struggles with how proper it could possibly be, in light of her ruin, to offer for someone he once thought was well below him socially but now knows that he can not live without.

Memory, her most intriguing novel, is a Regency Jane Austen sequel, which is actually more of a prequel. Elizabeth Bennet meets Mr. Darcy, when she is still but 15 in a London park. Although the two never forget each other, their struggles are many as they try to forget each other and give up their foolish dreams of ever meeting again. They come together once again in the ensuing years as they both fight the demons of the past to secure their love.

Mrs. Wells, only modern Jane Austen sequel to date is The Perfect Fit. Darcy is still your extremely wealthy businessman, and Elizabeth is a writer of popular fiction for young adults. The two butt heads as they struggle to find their way to everlasting love, but this novel is one which has been well updated to firmly place our favorite hero and heroine in our modern world.

Mrs. Wells is currently working on her fifth novel, entitled Imparative Regency, which finds Georgianna pregnant after her elopement with George Wickham. She believed herself to be married, although was duped ended up losing her virtue instead. Mr. Darcy decides he must find himself a bride, and then pass the Babe off as their own. This novel promises to be her most angst filled yet, and shows Mrs. Wells development as an author as both her plots and characterizations have become increasingly complex.

If you are looking to have a totally different take on Austen's original characters, Linda Wells novels and JA sequels are great place to start. They are all incredibly and aging, well-written, and will have you seen Austen's original characters in a much different light than you ever have before.

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