Sunday, July 3, 2011

Book Club Book Criteria - New

The book clubs that include me as a member have criteria for selecting our books but that criteria is general in nature.  For instance, one book club reads books that contribute to our professional and personal development because all of us are business owners wanting to stay on top of business issues and keep our businesses thriving.  That book selection criteria generally eliminates a lot of book types such as: cook books, mysteries, novels, fiction, travel, pets, comics, etc.  As a result, we have all strengthened our businesses, learned from each other and filtered out the nuggets of wisdom from experts who have written books about business.

Another book club I am in contemplates reading books that have been recommended to us by other book clubbers or that look enticing.  We collect a long list that includes brief descriptions.  Then we vote on the ones we will schedule for our year, making sure we get a good variety.  It's all so democratic and works quite well.

None of my book clubs talk about what we want the book to DO for us in specific terms.  In reading a recent book, I have come up with a new criteria that I want to look for in other book selections.

I just completed Flash Foresight by Daniel Burrus and am completely and totally revved up.  After I read about one quarter of the way through the book, I wanted to abandon it because I had so many ideas and just couldn't sit still.  I persevered and completed the book and kept getting revved up more and more after each chapter.  Now - hold me back!

Here's the book I am discussing.  If you want to click below and buy it through Amazon, I'd love you for it because I would get a few pennies, but what I REALLY want from you is a revved up discussion.

I am feverishly looking for others who have read this book so that we can discuss how it has changed us. My mind has been expanded is so many ways about how we can approach and have control over our future.  This book has seriously affected my approach to getting a new game I have developed out to the marketplace (more about that later).

I have put the pressure on my daughter-in-law to read the book (she's quite a reader) for my own selfish need to discuss this brilliant and exciting book.

So my recommendation to all my book clubs and to all book clubs around the world is to build a list of criteria that you wish your books will meet.  This criteria might include:

1.  learn more about a topic or issue

2.  be inspired to do something differently

3.  learn what not to do

4.  find content that stimulates thought

5.  read a book that simply makes you feel good about something (love, life, family, earth...)

6.  read a book about an issue dear to you

7.  learn about other people and cultures

8.  read a book that inspires discussion

9.  read a book that is opposite of your own views


If you read Flash Foresight and want to tell me how it changed your approach to your future, please pleases let me know!  I want to hear from you.

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