Saturday, July 2, 2011

Relationship Management Review

Relationship Management is another good quality product from Love Systems (previously known as Mystery Method Corporation) and its president, co-founder and program leader Nick Savoy. The Mystery Method Corporation run by Nick Savoy and Mystery was the first dating company at the time to offer "live" trainings in clubs and bars teaching men to pick up women in practice. After splitting up with Mystery (Erik von Markovik) in late 2007, Nick Savoy continued his mission providing dating and relationship advice through seminars and in field trainings already in the rebranded Love Systems.

Launched on September 05, 2007, Relationship Management is a video collection of private seminars delivered by Nick Savoy, especially recommended for beginner/intermediate level dating students. If you are not much experienced in relationships or don't have much success in your dating life, or just want to improve your relationships by more commitment and loyalty it's the right product for you.

Let's go through a brief Relationship Management review to make out what's particularly good and what could be better in this product.


There is not enough reference to a relationship as a positive add-on to your life. The content is mostly covering classic boyfriend-girlfriend relationships, expanding only on traditional types and leaving out models like multiple or more complicated relationships. The advice on how to behave when somebody tries to wolf your woman is arguable in terms of effectiveness and healthy mindset.


Relationship Management can serve as a strong pattern for the beginners aiming to build a singular traditional relationship or for those who want to proceed with the existing relationship moving it to a deeper level. Savoy gives a good relationship management review to general principles of "pick up artists'" community and adds a pinch of innovative love systems concepts to the material. In complex, these features make the product a valuable gain to start building your dating life on or improve your dating skill set.


The DVD contains exhaustive description of traditional relationships, including general principles of relationship management, different levels of commitment relationships and infidelity model. It's a good start for newbies with little or no dating experience. Guys striving to pass up common mistakes or looking for better quality relationships and non-standard situations will also pick up a good piece of advice from this product. However, if you have a set of lessons memorized from your personal former experiences and like experimenting with diverse types of relationships (e.g. multiple dating) the Relationship Management may appear not so rewarding against the price. gives you a chance to read various Relationship Management review by professional editors and experienced users. Read in depth Relationship Management review to have a complete picture of the general content.

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