Sunday, July 3, 2011

Critique of David Horowitz's Book: THE PROFESSORS

As a Nation, we are subject to many antidisestablishmentarianisms. United States freedoms inherent allow the altruistic and anti-American as well -- as means to influence the mindset of our most vulnerable. Thus, we critique a book which dares to expose a segment of academics in America. For those seeking an institute of higher learning for their college-age children, this book appears to be a must-read.

Anti-Americanisms, jihadisms, and cultural dissidents amongst our premier colleges are the perfect forum for indoctrination of other than traditional values and habits of thinking in the mainstream. Our finest endure much polarization in the learning process and not exactly in keeping with the tutelage expected from folks back home. Naturally, parents want the best possible education for their offspring but adherence to the traditional values.

In academe, the author claims radical ideologies are not the exception -- that they are legion: havens for revolutionaries intent on progressive agendas, with a few violently anti-American, advocating a more liberal society, and preaching special antiestablishment programs -- all the while enjoying America's largesse and living the good life on tax dollars and tuition fees as they further ambition. The author continues his rant and asks: What does the future hold for any society continuously tolerating such hate-pedagogy and anti-American ideologies in Institutions of Higher Learning?

According to the author, we can improve our educational curriculum by eliminating the radical chairships at particular institutions and mandating more traditional forums. Purchased chairs continue to gain support from those thinking themselves disenfranchised and others with personal agendas. On professor compared victims of the September 11 terrorist attacks to Nazis and deserved what they got! This is the radical profile, ensconced with tenure, and described by the author.

The author questions: Is it any wonder our culture has evolved into the permissive and promiscuous society it reflects? Defensively, we wait for the other shoe to drop. If we do not anticipate nor justly resist the enemy within our midst; then we, by default, nurture him, protect his rights, and subsidize his existence.

Many dissident professors love their life in America, for only in America can they opportune capitalist advantage so adamantly accused in protected lecture. Under another nationalist or socialist regime, such anti-government and anti-altruisistic ranting would garner short shrift. Only under the shield of freedom can dissidents subvert freedom and advocate the culture so readily lived without.

Horowitz's book is highly recommended to those who wonder what has happened to the good old days, to reason, and to good sense. Slowly but steadily our culture suffers from a lesser incentive; all the while, opportunists seek to further their own cause and let the status quo continue. But we can resist; read this book to discover whether your college choice offers a good or bad climate for your son or daughter.

Academe is the proper setting to advance idealism and to selectively eliminate the unappealing setting. We contend some academies unwisely furnish refuge for less than the best for your special son and daughter. Politics and religion are central in the thrust of transition epees, a thrust to be rejected by informed foils. En garde would seem to be the watchword!

To be prepared is to be aware. The world does not always conform to traditional values: in academe, in religion, or in cultural ethos. We can do much to attain peace of mind, but we discover how mostly through the dissemination of information. Discover how easily and effectively false information can permeate the mind from modern monotheisms. Consumers can be more independent and effective than they might think.

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