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Author Interview With Daniel Hill

Today we are talking with Daniel Hill, author of Which One Are You?,
an explosive book revealing various types of people that commit crimes, use drugs, are violent gang members, and some that find their path through faith out of this dark world. Thank you, Daniel, for spending some time with us.
PBR: You seem to be one of the lucky ones to have been so close to all of this mayhem but to emerge with a family. Tell us a bit about when you were growing up. Did you ever think things would turn out for you the way they have?
DH: I was actually raised up in a normal household with both of my parents, even though sometimes I did not act like it. Growing up I did get into a lot of trouble but nothing like what you have read about in my stories but I did see a lot of different things growing up since my father was a pastor, the places I went, who I kicked it with and doing things I shouldn't have done. I did see how bad people were struggling in life and how some of my friends and family started off on the same track as me but choose different paths. This isn't saying that I started off right it just seem like down the road God took a hold of me and made me do right well at least better LOL!!! I guess I was kind of like the two separate paths but without the wife and kids!
I also had good friends who use to take me out of town named, Wayne and Melvin, to see college life which made you want to leave your town or city and do better because once you see college life or something difference it makes you realize that there is more out there than where you are from. This means you have more options in life then doing the same thing or mess that you always do or the same job everybody is doing that you do not want. Then I also have a friend who is more like a brother to me name Jerome who made sure I did not do all the things I wanted to do! If you know what I mean! I never thought I would grow up to be a teacher and write a book. I always thought I was going to be some type of hustler or business man dealing with cars, rims, or money because that was all I wanted. I was always trying to sell something such as clothes, two ways, CDs, movies, etc. I use to even pick up the loose change at the house and put it in my piggy bank, even though half the time it was change from off the table. LOL! Man! My father use to get upset! LOL!!
PBR: How was your family structured and who played a major role in raising you?
DH: We were a normal preacher family I guess you know one good kid and one bad kid, which was me LOL!!! I also have another brother and sister by my father too. I guess there were a couple of people who played a major role in my life growing up my father who is deceased now, being my coach as a child in sports, my mother always watching her pray at night and working hard, and my grandmother who also has passed but meant everything to me and loved me no matter what I did and always made me laugh. Then also my church family who always made sure I ate well and never missed out on anything if my parents weren't around. I almost forgot my cousin Bi in my adult life who always told me never to judge anybody because we are just human and we constantly making mistakes, whenever I wanted to go off on someone.
PBR: When did you decide to write this book, and how long did it take you to complete?
DH: I wrote this story in college when I did not have anything!!! LOL!!! I remember that my mom wanted to make sure that I graduated so she told me that my last year of school I couldn't work and need to focus on graduating. I remember I was staying with my friend Dezy in a one bedroom apartment sleeping on a futon a nice one though. LOL!!! I remember we did have anything but food, no cable, no money because my mom's money was going to my grandmother because she was sick in the hospital. Then also this was the time when I started trying to do better in college, my sixth year and no I didn't get a master, just took a long time, I was a dedicated student. My friend and I just said to each other "well if we can't do anything we might as well study or get a hobby. So I decided to draw something for ten to fifteen minutes, and then practice my keyboard which broke after a week, and then write a story. I would sit there for about 10 minutes and let my mind wonder until something hit me and then started writing until I got it all off my mind. It would take me about 45 minutes to an hour, maybe a little more. I did this every day. I guess you wondering why I only have 19 stories and there are more days than that in a semester HUH!!! It's because we got cable. LOL!!! This all happened back in 2006 I was unable to find someone to edit it or get it published until 2011.
PBR: "If you knew then what you know now," what would you do differently?
DH: The main thing that I would have done growing up was study. When I was growing up all I ever wanted to do was kick it. I remember me and my friends use to see who could get the lowest test grade. LOL - so stupid back then. I even remember putting abacada on 1 of my ACT test because I came in to late. But it paid off because now I have to pay back student loans while my friends who received scholarships get their whole check. Yeah I was the smart one huh!!! LOL!!! $250 a month, give it up for the genius LOL!!!
PBR: You invite people to contact you in your book. Have many people reached out to you? Can you please tell us about some of these situations?
DH: I haven't really promoted my book since I published it. I was planning on promoting once I finished teaching this year but 3 days after I got out of school my father died and had to go back home for a couple of weeks. Then came back my friends grandmother died and kicked it with him and my other friends sister died, plus I have been helping out friends and family with different stuff so I really haven't even had a summer or time to promote. But I hope it will all change with your program and plus I'm trying to help certain small business grow for free. But I would love to hear from people and how it changed their lives.
PRB: You certainly have a talent for communicating to a group of people that might otherwise go unseen. What do you plan on doing in the near future? Do you have any plans for additional books?
DH: I really don't even know or even worry about the future I just take it day by day. I do want to help people out so I pray God allows this book to do well so I can keep my promises to me and him about if I ever got rich or wealthy.
PBR: You make a point to thank readers for reading your book. I wish to thank you for your time today.
DH: No! Thank you for allowing me to be promoted through your company and for being so personal about everything. A lot of people do not do it this way anymore and that's one reason I think many people are lost.
Reviewed by: Gary R. Sorkin
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