Sunday, July 3, 2011

Book Review: How to Buy and Maintain a Used Car

The book "How to Buy and Maintain a Used Car: For The Non-Mechanical Person" was written by Brad Crouch and Karl Kiniseley. It was published by American Pacific Publishing Company and is only one hundred and sixty-one pages long. That being said, those one hundred and sixty-one pages are just crammed full of very helpful information. With the auto industry floundering and the economy in a bit of a crisis, knowing how to maintain your own car is a huge benefit. You can save on a high-priced trip to the mechanic's shop and you will not have to go out and buy a new vehicle at a time when there is not that much extra money lying around.

The majority of the book consists of two things. First, it has a lot of information on what to look for when you are thinking about buying a car. Most people do not even know the simple things -- like how many miles a car should have on it, where it is dangerous to see rust, what it means if there is oil on the engine, and the like. The book makes it clear what you should look for and what you should know to evaluate a car before you make a purchase.

Next, the book has a lot of tips for maintaining the car once you own it. It will instruct the reader on all of the simple things that can be done to keep a car in good shape for many years. Often, just these little steps are so important. Changing the oil is one thing that most people have heard of, but the book explores other options that are less well-known. Some of the tips include rotating the tires, checking the brake lines, and keeping the air in the shocks from escaping.

One of the best parts about the book is that it contains a number of drawings and photographs. These are used to show the reader what the writer is talking about and to better illustrate the points that are being made. In many books, this sort of a technique would be distracting. In this book, it is invaluable. Working on a car is a very hands-on process, so being able to see what you are supposed to be doing and what you are supposed to be looking at is hugely helpful when using this book as a resource to do any real work. This also helps people who do not know all of the car-related terms that a mechanic would be familiar with as it makes everything easier to understand.

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