Monday, July 4, 2011

Delhi Book Store With an 'Elitist' Tag

Located right behind the India Habitat Centre in the sleepy lane that goes by the name of Mehar Chand Market (bet you had no clue), CMYK houses some fantastically expensive books.

Throwing open your own hotline to an impressive list of international publishing houses such as Phaidon, Thames and Hudson, Taschen and Leventhal and many more, CMYK is a boutique bookshop unlike none other.

Besides the international brands, CMYK also has most of its own impressive list of coffee table books. The small shop has a bevy of subjects all connected with art in some manner stacked neatly on the shelves.

It's only upon browsing that one realises the sheer number of book ranging from photography, performing arts, travel, filmmakers, artist series and architecture amongst others.

The area of the shop might be less but CMYK is still one of Delhi's best secrets... so rule out the chance of bumping into like minded people for some time now!

It's no secret that non-fiction books cost much more than the bestsellers and while the average price of any book at CMYK would not be less than a couple of thousand rupees, there are other things that you can pick up while shopping.

While high-end art books form the mainstay of CMYK the shop has a wonderful assortment of stationery to boot as well. The paraphernalia includes journals, customized pencils, pens and writing pads.

The journals are from the in-house brand name Design Wallas and come in many sizes with the eye catching iconoclastic series with Mao and Gandhi on the cover being the pick of the lot.

CMYK also has some kitschy Indian designs on fridge magnets; a set of would cost just Rs 125. The other lovely knick-knacks that would set you drooling are the Pantone bric-a-bracs--displayed in the showcase next to the main door are three Pantone colour series chairs worth Rs 5000 each!

What sets CMYK truly apart is the option of paying for your purchases in installments. With the most expensive title in the shop priced at a cool Rs 35,000 (Later Chinese Painting and Calligraphy by Robert Hatsfield Ellsworth), Roli Books founder Promod Kapoor's experimental idea of paying in EMI's seems like a good afterthought!

If you are wondering that why haven't you been to CMYK already, let us make it more interesting by saying that the shop has coffee as well. Wait we forgot something... ah yes--it's free coffee.

CMYK offers free cups of coffee to let you indulge in the terrace. With the winters setting in the rooftop would be a nice place to sip some coffee and read.

Rating: 4/5

CMYK- Book Store, 15-16 Mehar Chand Market, Lodhi Road

Tel: 011.24641881

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