Friday, July 1, 2011

Review of the The Game by Neil Strauss

The tactics found in Neil Strauss' controversial book The Game, it turns out, can be used in every aspect of one's life to enhance it. While there are admittedly many "tricks" that Strauss outlines that are tailored towards mate seduction, many of the core values of the book seem to be seduction on a wider scale. Seduction can be used not only to pick up girls, but to sell yourself in business or control conversations that may be difficult. You can "seduce," so to speak, an interview to go your way by using some of the same tactics found in the book. The same can be said about business meetings as well. In fact, the art of seduction can be used in almost all aspects of life and can open doors that you never thought might be open.

As an example, the book introduces the "3 second rule", in which a pickup artist must approach a girl within 3 seconds of seeing them. Why? Because the longer one waits to approach a girl, the more they allow their internal voice to talk them out of it, particularly if the girl is "out of your league." By forcing yourself to approach a girl within 3 seconds, there is no time to second guess yourself, and you come off as more confident and aggressive. In the same manner, though not approaching girls, you can use the 3 second rule in every aspect of life. By not allowing your internal voice to discourage you from meeting a client or approaching someone for a job, you are not allowing yourself to be less confident. You come off as more confident by default, which is always important to clients and interviewers. You become more of an "alpha male," which is never a bad thing.

Another example is the books insistence in conversation that you hold eye contact. Though a relatively simple rule, you would be surprised at how much a person might avoid keeping eye contact. By maintaining eye contact in casual or business settings, you, once again, come off as more confident and are more likely to be taken seriously.

Though the book is ultimately about seduction and picking up girls, the core of seduction (confidence) can be used in every day life. Though people may find Strauss and his online community sickening, it would be beneficial to give the book a quick read through to see, if nothing else, aspects of seduction you might be able to use in your every day.

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