Monday, July 4, 2011

Books For A Dazzling Wedding

Jose Villa and Jeff Kent write a book called Fine Art Wedding Photography, a book dedicated to helping you capture stylish and beautiful and artistic photos for your wedding. As this is a major day in your life, this book allows you examples of amazing poses and postures so that you can get ideas for a stunning, creative new way to capture your special moments. There are tips on how to adjust design elements and frame photos, so that if you are searching to have someone take your photos, this book can also serve as a guide for them, as well. There are even chapters that show you how to design and create wedding albums and slideshows, all done in a beautiful and memorable way.

Mindy Weiss The Wedding Book: The Big Book for Your Big Day. This book gives you amazing tips on how to keep your head clear and calm even in the face of the most stressful wedding. It allows you tips on how to design your wedding table, your altar, your gown, your details and style and in a way that is sure to match your budget and preference. More than just the wedding itself, the book guides you on how to share the news of your wedding with people who might be less than thrilled about it, refers you about how to set up a good budget, and even informs you about choosing flowers, cake, and a dress.

Denise and Alan Fields write Bridal Bargains, a book that is rich with ways to save money on usually highly expensive things. For example the book talks about how you can save up to 40 percent on a brand new wedding dress, as well as offering websites on flowers and dresses and invitations, all that will be bought at an affordable price. Also, there are ways to order flowers and affordable ways to print invites so that you don't stress out your budget. There are ways to save on your cake, as well, and also ways to stay eco friendly as well! This is a great book if you are about to get married because you will be able to do it without going bankrupt and by still being able to save money that will be important after the wedding.

David Elliot Cohen writes William and Catherina, a book that documents their wedding through photos that capture the process of the wedding as well as the special moments and instances, as well. Including a historical viewpoint on royal weddings, as well as personal stories of the couple and of royal couples before them, the book is an entertaining outlook on weddings and might even inspire you with a few new traditions, such as the special kiss on the balcony, or something royal that you might wish to include.

The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner by Carley Roney is a book that is mainly a guide to planning a wedding. It allows you to create your budgets, check off things on your to do list, and to go through a series of worksheets. There are many interactive features, such as a phone contacts list, budget tracker, and gift log so you can use all these things to write your thank you notes later etc. The goal of the book is to help you with a stress free affair that is sure to help you.

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