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What Really Happened In Roswell, New Mexico?

Who hasn't heard of the Roswell crash? I think most people have, unless you're from another planet. If you were from another planet, I think you would know exactly what happened. Many ideas and theories have been circulating, along with an enormous amount of books, most all of which revolve around the theory that a UFO crashed at Roswell that night. Michael Heiser & Nick Redfern don't think a UFO crashed that night. The idea they are putting forth in their books is an alternative as to what happened in Roswell, New Mexico on July the 2nd, 1947. After reading their books on this subject, I just have to let people know there could be another possibility.

The books I am referring to are "The Facade" by Michael S. Heiser and "Body Snatchers in the Desert" by Nick Redfern; both available from Amazon.

I was a little surprised when I first read these different theories in their books, but after doing some extensive research on these possibilities, it begins to make total sense (at least to me).

In their eye opening books, it seems these conclusions can be drawn. Was the Roswell incident a failed "Operation Paperclip" secret op gone terrible wrong? Was it some kind of horrible accident? Was the U.S. really working hand in hand with the Nazi's & the Japanese? Remember, this was only two years after the war had ended. Was there really a saucer that crashed, or was it perhaps a form of the all-wing Ho 2-29 Horton wing, first created by the Horton brothers (Walter and Reimer) in Germany? Or was it one of the many saucer shaped crafts the Germans had been working on. The RAAF (Roswell Army Air Force) had said on the first day there was a "flying saucer" recovered, but the very next day, we are told it was a weather balloon. Could it have been both? We know the Japanese had the Fugo balloon program, in which they were testing high altitude balloons.

What about the "Alien Bodies" that were supposedly recovered? Could they have been just victims of a horrible experiment conducted by the Nazi's & the Japanese? Have you heard of the Japanese" Unit 731"? Michael Heiser has this to say about the unit. "Japan's Unit 731 - One of the more infamous atrocity mills of WW II. Unit 731 was an officially sanctioned and funded bioweapons program / facility headquartered in Harbin, Manchuria. Headed by Shiro Ishii, Unit 731 has become synonymous with human experimentation for those who know of its existence. Experiments on human beings (or "logs" as they were referred to) involving live human vivisection, effects of frostbite, high altitude pressurization exposure to bioweapons, flamethrowers, and explosives were routine. These experiments included U.S. POWs. This Unit was the potential source of the bioweapons to be used for the Fugo balloon project." Wow! Amazing!

It seems they could have been using Asian Mongoloid, or Progeria children, or other misfits, so they could test the effects of the human body when it is exposed to high altitude, freezing temperatures & nuclear radiation without protective suits or oxygen. Have you heard of NEPA? NEPA, which stands for (Nuclear Energy for Propulsion Aircraft) was a program the military was using to develop nuclear energy for aircraft. One of the drawbacks was that in the use of human occupants, they would be exposed to the nuclear radiation, because they had not found sufficient materials to block the radiation. So they had to find some "willing" human occupants to use. There are some documents stating they used inmates in U.S. jails & mental institutions. All of these things Nick Redfern brings out in his book, "Body Snatchers in the Desert."

All of this and more comes to light in these remarkable books. They are well worth the read.

Or do you still believe it was real Aliens? Are they so advanced that they could traverse the universe and maybe even travel through wormholes, dodging asteroids on occasion, and yet the first thing they do when they arrive here on earth is to crash their space ship? Wouldn't you think something seems a bit odd about this? I bet they won't be getting any scouting missions any time soon. (Obviously not, because they are now dead.)

Think for a minute, if you had been a young soldier 18 to 22 years old, asked to get your gear together and head out into the desert to retrieve a crashed UFO. When you got there, what you see is a chaotic scene with bodies lying on the ground next to some kind of craft. What would you think? It's a very dark night, the bodies are mangled, but what you manage to see is a large head on a small body, with very large round eyes, in some kind of strange suit. You might actually think they were Aliens from another planet. Or they could be the aforementioned misfits, Progeria & Mongoloid children.

Once you have read these two books, I think you might come away with another view of what happened on July the 2nd, 1947. I have always believed that the truth is indeed stranger than fiction. I think deep within ourselves, we all want to believe in Aliens from outer space. We want them to come here & help us out of the mess that we've gotten into. I don't think that will happen, at least not in that sense.

Michael Heiser & Nick Redfern don't think an Alien spacecraft crashed in the desert of New Mexico on that fateful day. Neither do I. Something more sinister & closer to home happened. Nick Redfern says in his book the military was doing something they weren't suppose to be doing. They had a bad accident, so they had to find a way to hide what happened. Hence, the military concocted the UFO flying saucer story.

Read their books with an open mind, not a mind already made up, not wanting to be confused by the facts. Have we as Americans been brainwashed by Hollywood into believing Aliens exist and are out to get us? Ever since the movie "The Day the Earth Stood Still" back in the 50's to modern movies of today, the theme is always the same. What is that theme? Aliens are bad, they want to kill us! Look at "Independence Day", "Skyline", and a host of other Sci-Fi movies. I don't think it even enters into the head of most people, that, (as Eisenhower called them, "The Military Industrial Complex;") they would be so diabolical & sinister as to try and pull something off like that.

Did they? You make up your own mind. I highly recommend these two authors.

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