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Ex Back System Review

Ex Back System written by Brian Bold and launched on January 01, 2010, is a special-purpose guidebook addressed to dating beginners and aimed at helping them endure post-breakup stage. The book reveals step-by-step strategy of actions meant to get your ex back. The author has built up the Ex Back System plot using four "rehabilitation boxes" - Recession, Reconstruction, Reconnection, and Reconciliation. The newbies are sure to get a thorough and precise instruction set on what should and what should not be done when break up is already an inevitable reality.

Ex Back System reviews the first reaction to the breakup news as a vital point for starting building up your further movements. In order to reach the desired aim you must be strong, steady and reasonable and avoid momentary impulses for which you'll be regretting later. The author doesn't approve of pressing or aggressive behaviour. He is also very convincing in talking you out of the "dumped victim" role. Your moaning is more likely to erase all the chances of ever getting her back. Instead, Bold recommends taking a time out. In a clear and readable style the author explains how to direct your forces into rebuilding the "mistaken" part of yourself and become a better person.

The book also refers to one of the most "popular" reasons of being suddenly told by your girlfriend it's over. What's the decent way to behave when you found your girlfriend dating another man? How to act with no harm to your dignity and self respect? And what are the most effective tools to sweep the rival off your way and win your ex back? Answers to these questions can be found in another chapter of the Ex Back System.

The beginning of the book is very good. The content is comparatively weak closer to the end. However, let's get a clearer idea about cons and pros of this product in a brief Ex Back System review.


The practical part described in the second half is a little bit conservative and out-of-date. Bold offers a long and persistent way of rational negotiations that would result to the reunion with your ex in their positive outcome. This approach is hardly to be practiced widely but still can be useful for those preferring the old style.


The first half of the book contains excellent advice on what should not be done when encountering a breakup. It clearly explains the techniques of self-improvement you should follow to appear to your ex in a new light and make her re-estimate your relationship.


The first chapters of the book offer a truly good piece of advice. Especially beginners will pick up lots of useful ways to get their ex back in no time. As to the second part, it's a little bit outdated for the followers of modern lifestyle, yet can be appreciated by guys who prefer to surpass sharp angles and choose the longer but safer way.

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