Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Is Magnetic Sponsoring Worth It?

Is Mike Dillard worth listening to? Do his crazy techniques on attraction Marketing actually work? Why is this guy a household name among the network marketing community? Should you bother jumping on the bandwagon and follow what this Insane Genius is preaching? Or are Mike's techniques all just a big scam to line his own pockets?

I am going to put this as clear and concise as I possibly can: Mike Dillard is an absolute Genius. He has put into words what so many people are lacking in their careers as Network Marketers. Its funny, I watched a video on YouTube not too long ago that had someone explaining why they no longer promoted Mike Dillard and magnetic sponsoring. The basic concept behind it was that He wanted to create his own brand, and his own list rather than furthering Mike's. Mike Dillard's teachings have revolutionized thousands of people's network marketing businesses. There is nothing wrong with promoting someone else that is a leader in the industry. However, this individual was very right about something; if you are only building Mike Dillard's list, and not your own, you are making a grave mistake!

I don't care if I build Mike Dillard's list. I think he is a great man, and a brilliant leader. Building your own list is the most important thing, but leveraging the strength of industry legends can help you do that, and it can increase the amount of money you are making. In fact, the "Tribe Concept" of network Marketing is all about coming together to Syndicate each other's information. Some people don't want to share other peoples information on Facebook or Twitter because they think they might "Lose Leads."

The opposite is actually true. As we share others content, and they do the same for us, it actually furthers everyone's credibility. Edification is one of the most important pillars of our MLM business. We edify up-line, and they in turn edify down-line. It is one of the keys that creates credibility. Also, we edify leaders, and when we become one, they in turn edify us. If I started railing on Mike Dillard, Randy Gage, Eric Worre, Jeff Olsen, or any of the other industry giants, what do you think they would have to say about me when somebody asked?

I will gladly promote any leader or trainer that will truly help people build their network marketing business. I am a great leader, but there are greater men that have paved the way for my success and prosperity, and in that I thank them, edify them, and encourage all to do the same.

I don't care if you ever promote magnetic sponsoring or not, but there are some things you should understand about the book. The concepts that Mike teaches are absolutely brilliant; he helps people to understand how to have the philosophies that can make you the hunted instead of the hunter(in terms of prospecting, this is a good thing).

Outside of the valuable training that the book provides, there is another benefit to owning a copy of "Magnetic Sponsoring." Purchasing the book automatically enrolls the buyer into Mike's affiliate program. If people want to refer others to the book, it can pay for the cost of purchasing it, and even provide a profit.

Honestly, as with any training course, I highly doubt anyone will resonate with every one of Mike's philosophies. As with any great program, it is important to apply the shopping cart technique when reading, so you can gather the nuggets of information that are going to be valuable to you personally. This book definitely has enough nuggets for it to be worth your time.

Aki Wood is a Network Marketing Maverick, and is a student of the industry. If you are looking to have more success in your business, you should register for his 100% Free "No Bull" Marketing Bootcamp.

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