Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Award-Winning Author Bertrice Small

Background of Bertrice Small

Bertrice Small is an award-winning American novelist who was born in Manhattan and has lived on eastern Long Island for 35 years. The New York Times bestselling author has written 50 novels, among which most of them belong to the genre of historical romance. Small has also written several well-received novels in the genres of fantasy romance and erotic contemporary.

The outstanding and talented author has also received many awards for her novels, such as Outstanding Historical Romance Series, Best Historical Romance and Career Achievement for Historical Fantasy. Recently, in 2008, Small was recognized as a Pioneer of Romance by ROMANTIC TIMES magazine for her significant literary works and contributions to the genre. A few years earlier in 2004, she received the Lifetime Achievement Award by ROMANTIC TIMES magazine.

Besides achieving great success in the literary world with her outstanding novels, Bertrice Small is also highly recognised in the community as a member of various literary organizations, such as The Authors Guild and Romance Writers of America.

Popular and Bestselling Novels

Small has written numerous novel series that have clinched spots in bestselling novel lists. Her first novel series was "Leslie Family Saga Series" which was published in 1978. Subsequently, Small also wrote many popular novel series like the "O'Malley Family Saga Series", "Skye's Legacy Series" and the "Friarsgate Inheritance Saga Series". The "O'Malley Family Saga Series" has captivated the hearts of many fans, telling the tales of the fascinating adventures of the Irish protagonist Skye O'Malley and her involvement in royal conflicts, passionate pursuits and bold encounters. Readers will truly enjoy this novel as they flip page after page, relishing the excitement in the novel.

In 2010, Small has released new titles for her novel series, such as "Passionate Pleasures" (Book 5 of "Channel Pleasures Series"), "The Border Vixen" (Book 5 of "The Border Chronicles") and "Crown of Destiny" (Book 6 of "World of Hetar" Series).

Small has also written single titles, each with a unique concept, plot and storyline, such as "The Kadin", "Love Wild and Fair" and "A Moment in Time", which are also popular among fans.

Besides working on her own individual novels and series, Small has collaborated with other authors to produce several anthologies as well.

Upcoming books

Small will be releasing new titles in late 2011, "Guilty Pleasures" (Book 6 of "Channel Pleasures Series") and "Bond of Passion" (Book 6 of "The Border Chronicles").

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