Monday, July 4, 2011

Book Club Picks - What to Know Before You Sign Up to One

If you love books, you probably have an eye out for quality book club picks out there - new clubs that will give you new recommendations on directions your reading can take in the future. Book clubs aren't just different in the areas of literature they operate in. They can also go about how they operate in somewhat different ways. How do you find out about which book club to join? On the surface, they seem to all mirror one another for the most part? The brochures they put out often seem to promise the same kinds of things for your membership. Sometimes, some of them can be scams that don't give you anything valuable for your money. Book club picks are difficult to evaluate. And it could be a reason why there are so many interested readers out there who still aren't a part of a book club.

What kind of scams are you in for with the wrong book club picks? You could choose a book club that tacks on charges in a sneaky way to begin with. But clubs like Quality Paperback Book can leave members feeling like they've been taken for a ride even if there is nothing sneaky about their method of business. Buy a book from them, and their prices quoted are far higher than what you would get on Amazon; not to mention, their shipping charges can appear outrageous. But that's not what it looks like when you first sign up on QPB. Right away, as soon as you sign up, they give you four books for a dollar each. And the membership is free to sign up to, too. On top of that, the first book you buy after you're done with your four one-dollar books, you get for $5. If you are trying to make your mind up among Quality Paperback Book, Literary Guild, Book of the Month Club or Doubleday, you need to know that these are just several websites run by the same parent group.

You'll get the same kinds of introductory offers, prices and shipping charges once the introductory honeymoon is over. Even when you are enjoying your introductory offer, each book you order will cost about $15 to ship. If you order all your books at the same time, you could save something substantial. If you order your books one and a time, you won't be saving anything at all, so expensive is the shipping. In a world where Amazon gives you free shipping on all orders over $25, it's amazing that a book club could get away with such expensive shipping charges.

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