Sunday, July 3, 2011

Myths and Masters of The Game Review

Launched literally a few days ago, Myths and Masters of The Game has already managed to call out a storm of controversial reviews. The eBook is a piercing insight of the investigative journalist Adam Brown into the diverse and at times shocking space called seduction community. With 20 years of career behind, Adam Brown has a decent background of an acclaimed journalist mostly reporting from hot spots all over the world. According to the author himself, his multifaceted experience of many years yields to the intense and unpredictable reality he has encountered researching the dating community.

Myths and Masters of The Game is reviewed as an "unofficial sequel" of The Game by Neil Strauss. This is a fact speaking of ambitiousness and in a certain sense courage of the author who definitely deserved respect for taking this considerable risk.

Myths and Masters of The Game is a story. It's a story where all appearing characters are not fictitious and any resemblance to real persons is not incidental. Reflecting two month journey through the "Project Rockstar", an unprecedented experiment developed by Love Systems, the book covers the adventures of the selected members and instructors of the project. Though weaker as compared with Neil Strauss' humor, novelty and flavored characters, Myths and Masters of The Game reviews actuals of the pickup artists' community staying as close to the truth as possible.

In spite of its ambitious and wide-ranging goal, the book has some obtrusive corners that we'll refer to in summarizing Myths and Masters of The Game review.


The book gives an objective account on the "Project Rockstar". It pictures the way of getting to know the end game: a place that most men find themselves in at a certain stage of their relationships with women. This is a good insight into the bare reality of the seduction community.


The visible influence of the Love Systems on the author correlates his perspective to the dating company's approach to the pickup and seduction issues, thus making his viewpoint not impartial. The language is not as vivid and entertaining as in The Game, whereas the structure and form are almost similar to it.


Putting itself on the same shelf with the number one bestseller in New York Times and Amazon The Game, Myths and Masters of The Game does certainly aim high. Another question is whether the set up goal will be achieved in its full. The chances for it seem to be a little bit overestimated. However, this book will be a good gain for more inactive community members who may be motivated by the stories described in it and see the benefits of professional trainings with top dating artists placed in a good light.

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