Monday, July 4, 2011

Beaver Street by Robert Rosen: Entertaining and Insightful

Have you ever wondered how the porn industry grosses more than $10 Billion a year? Do you want to know how the incredible Hulk, X-man and Spider-Man were behind it? Robert Rosen's Beaver Street- A history of Modern pornography will provide answer to all your questions. Rosen unveils all the secrets of the lucrative, politically harassed porn industry in his book. He was in the gutters of porn industry for sixteen years and witnessed all the ups and downs of the industry, from its phone sex age to the Traci Lord's scandal, to Reagan's anti-obscenity campaign to the free internet porn that puts the business of men's magazine at risk. Beaver Street is both entertaining and insightful.

Robert Rosen gained international recognition with Nowhere Man, the biography of Lennon's last days. He had spent around twenty years as a copywriter, editor, publisher and photographer in the pornography industry. He worked for the adult magazine High Society that invented phone sex. He had initiated the latest phase in the historical association of sex, money and technology. The end of dial a porn would be the beginning of the free pornography book in the internet.

In Beaver Street, Robert Rosen gives a glimpse of the infamous Traci Lords Scandal. In the history of porn, the intervening years are the most turbulent and chaotic. Rosen was there at the core of its dark hour- Traci Lord's scandal. Traci Lords, the former child porn star's entire pornographic works from the age fifteen to eighteen became illegal. The resulting moral and legal crusades would see Rosen and hundreds of his colleagues staring prison. However, Rosen gives a reply in his book Beaver Street. Rosen's critique is rooted on the question exploitation. He explains that Traci Lord had agreed that she used a fake birth certificate to get a passport and used that passport to obtain a fake driver's license. Both identification pieces prove that she was of legal age, when she worked in the porn industry. Rosen's Beaver Street offers a vivid glimpse at the other side of the coin.

Rosen' Beaver Street comprises of the picture of normal professionals, who try to make ends meet in odd circumstances. His book explains how numerous journalists, publishers and photographers are expected to score a living beneath the aggressive inquiry of the FBI and criticisms by feminists like Andrea Dworkin.

Beaver Street also describes about an exceptional American workplace which is full of cynics, drug addicts, perverts and tyrants. He explains how the owners are getting richer, while he and his colleagues work hard to meet the demands of ensuring millions who want something new every week to masturbate. Beaver Street has more entertaining and valuable information that elevates its level more than the average porn journal. Rosen unveils the masks of the porn profiteers and explains how some unbelievable events have rocked his entire career. He says that he has written this book, as he wanted to understand the entire psychic effect of having spent 16 years in XXX.

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