Saturday, July 2, 2011

Transformations Review - A Closer Look at Real Social Dynamics' Dating Advice

The Transformations is a collection of personal experiences of dating hits and fizzles presented by five of the leading instructors of Real Social Dynamics - the biggest dating company in the world. RSD is famous for its global live tours featuring what they call Bootcamps and Superconferences. In The Transformations framed in a set of twelve CDs/DVDs Hoobie, Jeffy (Jeff Allen aka JLaix), Ozzie, Timothy, Marc and Tyler/TD (Owen Cook) in turn take you to a tour through their individual transformations in dating art flavored with amusing stories of failed or successful pick-ups.

Opening the "show", Timothy Marc revalues the effect of simple approaching language backed up by relevant behavioral techniques. The well-known "Claw" system is another interesting topic Timothy Marc touches. Ozzie shatters the myth of age and other limitations through a number of amazing pick-up stories. Jeffy reveals an honest chronicle of his own uneasy development in dating mastery and contrasting experiences with women. Following him, Hoobie the 5"5 tall Asian guy dispels stereotypes of the appearance and techniques being the essential condition for a successful pick-up and prioritizes attitude as his main companion to the top of dating mastery. Tyler Durden describes his own way from humdrum reality to working out his inner game and changing it as an upshot of "The Game" which brought a negative wave of media response to Real Social Dynamics. In the last two discs the speakers answer questions of the audience.

This product is a very good gain for guys of beginner and intermediate levels. However it has some apparent advantages as well as shortcomings that we'll try to outline in a few words in this short Transformations review.


The speech of some of the presenters is not as strong as the others'. Particularly, Tyler Durden keeps a surprisingly low profile against his colleagues' background, perhaps, to focus more attention on them. So if TD is the main reason you'd think of buying this set you'd better determine on his other products. Hoobie also doesn't shine here; his presentation is a little bit thin, lacking innovation and vividness.


In the instructors' confessions disclosing the obstacles overcome and skills acquired you can recognize yourself and find solutions for what you may consider a lockup. Ozzie, Jeffy and Timothy Marc come up with truly brilliant presentations, downright and inspiring. So if you want to learn more about any of them, this is a great product to choose.


There is nothing much innovative or breathtaking in this product but it will be a valuable purchase for the beginner students. It doesn't discover anything new but is rather meant to help the viewer identify and eliminate his weak points as well as motivate to be strong and consistent in the process of developing his dating skill-set.

Learn more about the Transformations Review reading through detailed editor reviews and user reviews on The deep Transformation Review discusses the set in parts and gives a clearer picture of the dating art presented there.

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